How To Work Rain Booties Into Your Everyday Look.


The fall weather has made its way to Seattle. The clouds, the rain, the wind is all here. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I woke up to rain sprinkling the sidewalk. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, and I hope we have some sunny days in front of us, but the Seattle girl in me loves this weather. It wasn't until I got dressed to go to neighborhood coffee shop that I realized that my wardrobe wasn't ready for this major weather change. I pulled out my favorite raincoats, sweaters and sneakers. Sneakers - they just don't work in this weather.


I've never owned rain boots, but when its time, its time. So, its time. The weather is in that funny flux where it's not cold, and it's not raining that hard, so no tall boots needed. You would be surprised how many ankle rain boots exist.

Framboise Fashion 

There's enough to fit your mood, your style, your every day. I know we all tend to veer towards black, but think about your rain jackets. Most likely you will own a neutral color so go out of your box and find a fun pair of rain boots to make your look stand out.

Booties for Fall: 1  3 4


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