The Killer Look That Can Go From The Beach To Date Night.

As I walked home yesterday, I wished I was wearing an off the shoulder top. It's been super hot in Seattle. We're the city that breaks out tank tops when it goes above 60, so the 90's has been "I need three fans to survive" hot.  So, I've found myself wishing for a few tops that let my shoulders see the sun.

They're perfect for stylish everyday walks around the block and many other occasions.

The off the shoulder beach dress should be a staple. I don't have to tell you this. It's super easy to throw it over a bathing suit giving you that effortless cool look that you can take on and off the beach.


Unfortunately, we don't spend every day on the beach. Bummer, I feel you. This is the perfect opportunity to break out your off the shoulder top. It shows just enough skin to be summer friendly and fits perfectly into your everyday "I'm just meeting friends for an iced coffee" look.


Is it a good look for a date? Hells yes! Just pull that sleeves a little farther down the shoulders revealing a little more than you did for your day look. It's funny, but it never shows more than you would in a strapless, but since it's done in such a different way that it seems a little more scandalous. Trick to it: Dress it up with some major earrings.


If you find yourself in a predicament - as in you get caught in the hot sun, and your shoulders are completely covered, DIY it. A button top is perfect for this. Give it a go! 

I know this style isn't really anything new, but I know that some of us get stuck in the tank top, spaghetti straps look that we forget there's some other awesome styles to enjoy. 

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