The Ultimate Journal for Any List Maker: The 52 Lists Project

I love to make lists. I have lists of lists I want to make. I've always been like this. This is where my love for notebooks, notepads, and sticky notes stems from, for sure. The thirst is real. So you can only imagine my elation when I discovered one of my favorite bloggers and store owners was launching a book of lists called "The 52 lists project."  

Moorea Seal loves to make lists, but she's definitely taken it to another level. It's not just made up of everyday lists; it goes deeper.

"In this journal you'll find ways to make each week of the year more thoughtful and vibrant by looking deep inside yourself to reveal your inner wisdom and confidence" - excerpt from the book.

For example, the first list asks you to "List your goals and dreams for this year." It also has other lists including " List your top twenty mood-boosting songs" and "List the most beautiful things you've ever seen."

The lists are separated into seasons so that you can jump into the present instead of just starting at the beginning.

photo c/o mooreaseal

I have to admit I can't keep a journal. I wish I could, it's just that a blank page is intimidating.  I write every day, but when its supposed to be a little more personal, its hard to get started. I never know what to write. This beautiful book makes it easy. It asks simple yet thoughtful questions that will make you focus on the present to answer.  The fun part will be opening the book ten years from now to see my answers.

Treat yourself to a gift that will be give back for more than just 52 weeks. 


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