This Dress Gives Me High School Flashbacks, In A Good Way.

Whenever I see a denim dress, I get flashbacks to my freshman year in high school. 

It was a big day for me because it was HIGH SCHOOL, and I knew I would be taking photos for our school ID. So, the outfit I was going to choose for this special day had to be, well you know, special. I don't really remember what went into the whole process, but I'm sure there was a lot of agony and second guessing.The winner was an above the knee jean dress, it was sleeveless, so I paired it with a button down shirt, knee high socks, and my favorite shoes.

Did I forget to mention that there was a dress code at school? You couldn't wear jeans. But they didn't say anything about denim dresses.. I was a rule pusher, even on my first day.

I loved that dress. I wore it until one day it just disappeared. You know how clothes do that. So, now I feel like my fall wardrobe calls for a little denim number. I guess this time of year gives me the first day of school feels.

If you need a new denim dress, here's my favorites from asos.

Mango Retro 70's Denim 

Glam Shirt Dress

High Neck Denim Shift


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Sam said...

Now I really want to see a picture of your old dress! I had a similar situation in elementary school with a bodysuit turtleneck that I was obsessed with.

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