Wear Your Favorite Summer Dress All Fall Long

I'm not ready to cover up my legs. I love that fall is a mix of summer and winter. It has the sun with a perfect cool breeze that requires you to button up, but not cover up. In other words, our favorite dresses don't have to be packed up just yet, but you do have to be a little creative.

I know it sounds weird to put a shirt under your dress, in fact in most cases it just doesn't work. It may take a little while to find the right one to make this look come together, but I can help.

The white button up. You most likely already have this top in your closet. If you don't, you need to find one pronto. It's so versatile and will be a staple that will keep giving for years. YEARS! But that's a completely different post.


So, this style hack actually does two things. 1) It can take your favorite summer dress and give it new life for fall. 2) It can also make a dressy dress a little more casual.

the corporate catwalk

I picked the white button up, but you can also do this with a chambray or patterned button up. Try it for yourself and see.

Boy Shirt in Classic White

Fave shirt in stripe > JCrew


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