4 Ways to Live The Bootie Life!

It's the bootie life for me. If you've seen my Instagram, where I post more outfit photos than I do on the blog then you know I'm a petite and curvy lady. I played sports throughout high school, I run and do yoga now - but instead of being long and lean I have that bigger thigh athletic body. It used to be a struggle, but I've learned what works best for my body. So in the spirit of that awareness I realized that thigh high boots, well anything above the ankle does not work for me. There are so many awesome bootie styles and wonderful ways to rock them that I have no reason to feel like I am missing out. 

Here are few of my favorite ways to style booties: 

This look is my favorite.  I think this makes my legs look longer. It's fun, and they make it possible to switch some summer dresses in to fall.


Ok wait, maybe this is my favorite. It is my go to look with booties. There's one change that I am doing from summer. Instead of rolling up my jeans, I'm making sure they're ankle length, so it doesn't create a busy look. It makes the whole look more streamlined.


This look is a little trickier. The A-line skirt and the booties can truncate your body, but what I do know for sure is that it can work. Just make sure you have the right ankle bootie for your body, for me I need a style that's more on the low side.


The great thing about ankle booties is that they don't go out of style. I have a few favorites, and one of them is a few years old. They just may die from a lot of love, not from going out of style.

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Nancy said...

such cute fall outfits!

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