If This Coat Has Been Hiding In Your Closet, It's Time To Break It Out!


Who said you need a fancy reason to break out your faux fur coat? Someone did because I haven't worn mine on any given Tuesday.. ever. And I think that's just a shame. I don't have a lot of reasons to get dressed up. So my favorite little faux fur just sat in my closet getting no love. Well, this season I am going to change that. I'm going to break it out with my favorite casual dark jeans. Yup, your favorite basic staples can be paired with your faux fur coat and take your everyday look to a playful fancy.

Stockholm StreetStyle

Jean Baptiste Talbourdet


I know a lot of us tend to wear all black or our favorite sweater and jeans combo, I love this uniform. But it's time to mix it up, and your faux fur coat can do just that. The cool thing is faux fur isn't taking itself to seriously these days. They're coming in all colors, patterns, and cuts.

So have fun this season and break out your faux fur coat!

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