Rainy Day Fun With The Timbuk2 Satchel Backpack Demi.

When it rains, I always seem to find myself at Elliot Bay Bookstore. I love to lose a few hours in between bookshelves. I make it a point to leave my computer at home, which means I don't need a handbag that is big enough to fit a kitchen sink. Timbuk2 just launched their Femme collection, which includes this stylish "Demi" satchel backpack combo.
What does "Demi" mean? It means half. It's the mini-me of the regular size satchel/backpack in the collection. And it's perfect for fun everyday escapes like this.

There's actually a latch to make the handles stay together, I just forgot to close it. Oops.

The Satchel Backpack Demi has amazing details, like the plush phone pocket, lined with faux fur. I like to know my phone is being taken care of, especially since if anything happens to it, I will be in serious trouble.

I'm such a fan of this line. I wear a backpack almost every day. It frees up my hands for my phone and my Mexican Coke. But I've always felt like my options have either been too masculine or made for a college kid. I am neither. 

The Femme collection is for the on the go stylish woman. So, it doesn't look weird if I decide to wear a dress. Awesome. 

I also adore the satchel option too, you can pin back the backpack straps if you want.

Seattle, I'll be co-hosting the Timbuk2 Femme launch event with Hey Pretty Thing and Fresh Jess.
Come by and check out the collection!
I'd love to see you.

When: November 12
Time: 6pm-8pm
Downtown Seattle Timbuk2
Please RSVP here!


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What a lovely post to read!

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Love your collection in this post, stunning!!!

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