The Unbelievable Challenge That Gave Me Two Hours Back In My Day.

Why did I call this the UNBELIEVABLE challenge? Because The only thing I love more than Mexican Coke is television. You think I'm kidding? Nope, I watch it every day, I watch it with other people, I watch it alone. I watch it on my huge tele, on my phone, and my computer.

But that doesn't mean I have a problem... Does it?

The turning point came when I decided to watch West Wing. If you haven't watched it, you should. It's fantastic! But it's also seven seasons. I'm not the kind of person that can watch two episodes tonight and two tomorrow. I have to watch them all, all of them. That's how I finished Sense8 in practically one day.

I was in deep with West Wing, I didn't watch anything else, I almost missed yoga because it was a pivotal point in the episode. Spoiler alert: Every single episode is full of pivotal moments. I embarrassingly admitted to my friend that I almost missed taking yoga with her because of West Wing---- the look she gave me and what she said next " Alix, am I going to have to do an intervention?" kind of threw me for a loop and made me realize how ridiculous I was being.

So, I made a decision I was going to give myself a cut-off time. Did you think I was going to turn off the television for good? Nope that would be torture, and I would in no way survive that. I would break that immediately.

I decided on 10 pm.  It was hard at first. All of a sudden 9:45 pm would come around and I would be in the middle of a movie, or an episode. So, I would try to convince myself that I was an adult and if I wanted to watch until 10:05 then I could. But I stuck to my challenge.

Then something weird happened. I got two hours back in my day.

I would normally turn off the television around midnight and do a few things around the house and be in bed by 1 am. But now I would start that routine around 10 pm and by 11 pm my house and my to-do list for the next day was ready. I was setting up myself for success. So not only did I go to bed earlier, but I also felt ready to take on the next day.

But what I didn't expect to happen - I started turning the television of earlier. WHAT??? WHY??

I started asking myself - Do I really want to watch this? And a lot of times it was NO. So, the television would go off.

Did I feel like I was missing out on my favorite shows? Nope, I still got to watch all of my must sees, now I didn't watch the filler shows and movies. It's been about three weeks. I think this fun little challenge is going to turn into a habit and I'm super happy about that.

I think I should clarify - this only applies to the weekdays. 

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