The Vegan Handbag Line That Will Make You Look Good & Feel Good.

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that I tried to go vegan once and then totally caved. I respect that people do it for moral reasons, but the only way I can GO VEGAN is through my style choices.  Do you know who Nikki Reed is? She was a vampire in the Twilight movies, and she married Ian Somerhalder, who plays a vampire on The Vampire Diaries. Funny, I know. But now I'm off on the tangent. 
Back on topic -  Nikki has partnered with "Freedom of Animals" to create a stylish cruelty-free bag line made of sustainable materials. 

The collection consists of three styles—the circular–shaped cross-body "Boromo" bag, the "Sohalia" belt bag that can double as a fanny pack or clutch, and the "Nikki" bucket bag with fringe detailing.
They also come in a variety of colors, not just the black and white pictured.

They are chic, timeless and recycled. So not only will you look good wearing one, but you will also feel good about it too.

The Collection


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