Dress Up That Hoodie For Everyday.

Dang, it's chilly! And that means we have to get a little creative about keeping warm. I have a few hoodies that I like to live in during the "oh so cold" months. But I don't want to feel sloppy, so here a few ideas to "dress up" your favorite hoodie.

Sincerely Jules 

Leopard print booties and a hoodie - a combo that just works. 
Layer it up with a cool jacket and even an overcoat. 

The lace skirt is my favorite. Of course I would recommend a skirt with lining, but have a little fun with it.

Accessorize it. The heels, the vest and a sleek handbag.

Stockholm Street Style
This may not be "dressed up" but a leather jacket hoodie combo is always a good idea. 

The thing is your favorite hoodie doesn't have to be something you just cuddle into at home. Tis' the season to bring out in your everyday look. 


Anonymous said...

You definitely made it so well! Look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've followed you for a while and this post really struck me.


Anonymous said...


Love your outfit. You look amazing.

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