Messy Hair Does Care: It's So Hot Right Now!

So it's unbelievably windy outside, to the point where I feel like I may just blow away at any moment. But there's a bright side. You know those lazy Saturday mornings where you give yourself a break from the hair dryer, well these windy days give you another reason to embrace that Saturday " I don't give a ----" attitude.

This morning I only used my hair dryer for 10 minutes and then I smashed it. Kidding, it is a little hard for me not to dry my whole head of hair, I like the sleek look, but when I walked out of my door, and that wind hit my head I had no regrets.

Also, the messy wavy hair, the hair bun, braids and the beanie are the cold months favorite looks. So go for it and embrace your Saturday hair every day of the week.

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