My New Favorite Earring - Yes, Earring.

Why haven't I started wearing this sooner? It totally takes me back to my high school "ain't I edgy" days where I would wear one long earring and one short earring on purpose. I wasn't a trendsetter, but I was pushing boundaries at my Catholic School. 

Anyways I grew up and kind of fell into "we wear the same two earrings" crowd. I would still rock it every once in awhile, but not as much as I used to.  This past weekend I was unpacking some jewelry from my move -I moved in July, yes I'm still unpacking- and I found this gorgeous ear cuff that Tiffany from T&J Designs gave me many months back. 

I put it on and fell back in love. The first time I wore it was for a night out. I wish I would have counted how many people wanted to touch my ear or asked me about it. I started to feel like this sparkly fun piece can't be only taken out at night. 

       Photos by Elizabeth Kathryn Photography

I do like to rock statement pieces on the regular, more than your average girl, but the point is that brilliant eye catching one earring cuff pieces are awesome enough to wear day or night. 

The Holidays are coming up, so dressing up will be more of a daily thing than normal, and this easy, eye-catching earring trend will be a perfect way to bring a little fun to your look. 



Nancy said...

I also love these earrings, but dont wear them cause my hair's always down :/

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to your new posts.

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