The Game Changer: Le Tint Particulier By Lancome

I don't leave my house without makeup.  I apply makeup before I go anywhere, and I mean anywhere. In fact, I'm sitting in a coffee shop right now ( it's 7pm and the only people here are students in sweats) wearing lipstick.

As I said, I don't leave the house without it, even if it's just to get the mail. I've always been like this. But I've also always struggled with finding the right shade for my skin. As a Mexican American girl, with some Irish - I have freckles, it's been hard to find a shade that I felt complimented me. I also suffered from cystic acne about 10yrs back, so that added some discoloring to my face. I had come up with some concoction that consisted of concealer, foundation, and bronzer. It wasn't perfect, but I thought it did the job. That was until I tried Lancome's "Le Tint Particulier" - and as my title says, it was a game changer.

My name and my formula specific # is on the bottle. 

It's a great example of how technology meets makeup. They used a tool to take photos of my skin in 3 different places and put it through a program that came up with the formula for my personal tint.

* To note most makeup has up to 40 different shades to pick from, this machine has 20,000. 

This photo has no filter, which I never do especially for this side. 

I'm always skeptical about the hype, but when Allen showed me what my face looked like after it was applied, I was a believer. It's the best my skin has ever looked. I was wearing less makeup, and my face looked flawless. If I hadn't seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it.

The real test was seeing if I would be able to recreate this whole look once I got home. It was no problem, just a little bit of foundation, a sweep of blush and bronzer and I was ready to leave the house.

Right now this service is only being offered at Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle & Del Amo. 


Unknown said...

I've seen several posts about Le Tint, and I want to try it! I hate leaving the house without makeup and am pretty self-conscious about my skin. Can't wait to give Le Tint a try!!


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Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog.


Anonymous said...


Lovely photos.

Anonymous said...


SO happy to be back!

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