Fitness Style: Stay Dry in Neon With SUPER DRY

The great thing about Seattle is that we do live by the "No Excuses" mantra. If we didn't, we would only leave the house July through October. But that would be a shame since we're surrounded by amazing places to hike, parks to run and boutiques to shop.

I don't know what it is about light rain that made me excited to run. The cool drops against your face was always a blessing. During the fall months, you can get away with light sweaters and long t-shirts, but once that cold winter wind made its presence known you have to find clothes that keep you from getting a chill from the wind and rain.

This is where SuperDry can save the day. The name says it all, right?
It hits all the right marks for me.
1) Quality fabric - I wish you could feel it through the picture, it's super soft, thick and durable.
2) Style - A fuse vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style. YES, to all of this.

Also, neon/grey is a combo I could live in for eternity, the plethora of pockets/zippers also surprised and delighted me.

The true test is taking it outside. It finally rained, so I headed for one of my favorite neighborhood trails. I wasn't cold, I didn't feel bulky, and I was able to enjoy my run. So, SuperDry has my seal of approval for keeping me super dry. WHAT? I had to!

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I love this post.Thank you!:)

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