Turtlenecks Will Be Your Best Friend This Winter.

A perfectly good example of why you should never say never. I am NOW on the turtleneck bandwagon. I know it's a cold weather staple, but I've never been a turtleneck girl. I felt like it swallowed me up and made me look shorter than my go to scoop neck. But this year I found myself all about it.

I know a turtleneck doesn't need much to make a complete outfit, but if you want to wear one every day - here's a few ways to mix it up.

Under a dress. So, this JCrew racerback dress was a favorite this summer. When I found this thin turtleneck at Zara and realized it would be the perfect way to take my fave dresss into the cold months, I felt like I had won a style prize.

My favorite combo winter weather uniform. Instantly chic and no ironing required. WIN. 

The ribbed, slouchy white turtleneck to feed your neutral winter vibes. 

I love this look, but my petite body would be swallowed in this. I still love it and if you can pull it off - then please do it.

Two things I have never really been inclined to wear work together in the most stylish way. 

This is my favorite, I love the sweater dress + no sleeves + turtleneck. I am currently on the lookout for this combo piece. It's a classic that it can come out every season for years to come.

It doesn't matter if you're new to the turtleneck or have been wearing it for many years, these fun looks can help you mix up your look for any day of the week.

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Sandra said...

First photo is my fav!

Anonymous said...

I love this post.Thank you!:)

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