Sequins Are Not Just For The Holidays! I Can Prove It.

To be honest, I don't have to talk myself into sequins, I've championed the trend for years. But, if you're on the fence and need a little push to treat yourself to sequins, I am happy to help.

Wearing sequins while doing errands is just more fun. 

Add a casual coat and your sequins pants are brunch ready.

I know it can seem a little dressy or over the top, but that's the point. We all need a piece of clothing that pulls at our silly dressy side. I don't think we indulge in that side of ourselves often enough, so 'tis the season.

Holiday Party or a Friends Birthday - Sequins will make you look good.  / alittledashofdarling.com

Thanks to Christmas there's sequins everywhere. I'm focused more on the pants this post. I don't want to blind you with the sequin shine - I just want to show you that a staple like pants can be dressy fun and worn every day.

images: Tumblr

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