This Top Puts A Little Twist of Happiness into My Life.

First of all, I can't wear this outfit without a coat anymore; it's cold outside. Thank you coats! But the story of this post is really about how fringe can take your Friday, really any day and make it fun.
There are some pieces that put a little bounce into your life instantly; this top puts a bounce and a twist.

This happens to be a crop fringe top. I love wearing it with pants, but I've also worn it with a skirt, its funny to see people faces when they realize its not a fringe skirt but a top. Fooled them!

In mid twist, this top has me shaking my hips all the time - that ain't no lie. 

See when I stand still you can barely tell that I'm fringed up. That's the beauty of it, it can be a fashion statement without being so out there. It also lets me wear my fave shoes and I don't feel like I over did it. If you're afraid to add fringe into your closet, start out small like a fringe top.


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Anonymous said...

So in love with your post.Beautiful!

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