What to Wear on NYE Besides Sequins

I love sequins; I don't need New Years to be a reason to wear them, but, there's something about the holiday that screams sequins. If you look up New Years Eve outfits on Pinterest, 98% of them will have sequins.
So, if you need a little last minute inspiration for New Years that doesn't call for sequins you've come to the right blog.

I can guarantee that a majority of dresses will be black. So, if you really want to stand out from the crowd go for color. Instead of red lipstick - wear red!

But if you want to go with black - I will probably be wearing black - go for leather, velvet or lace. The kind of material will take your black dress up a fancy level. 

The tuxedo isn't just for the boys. You can still be fancy sexy in a tuxedo jacket. 

I know white can be a risk around a lot of people drinking champagne and wine, but what better way to kick off a fresh new year than in a clean slate crisp white dress.

The most important thing is as long as you love and feel confident in what you're wearing you will look great. But if there's any day where you should take it up a level it should definitely be on New Years Eve.

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Anonymous said...


Enjoy reading your blog. Have a nice week.

Unknown said...

I love the red dress. It is a breath of fresh air to see nye outfits that aren't sequins.

Anonymous said...

This post is perfectly stunning.The pics are so attractive.

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