These Yoga Leggings Will Keep You Stylish In and Out of Class.

I blame my grandmother - because of her, my love for patterned leggings knows no bounds. So, even though I blame her, I thank her. The love she passed down to me makes me seek out brands that are strong in design and comfort. Well, I've fallen in love with One Tribal Apparel.

Their leggings check all the right boxes in my leggings must haves.
They must be colorful, the crazier the pattern the better, they must be comfortable, and they must work inside and outside the yoga studio.
It's not often that pair of leggings can check all of the boxes.
These do.

I wish you could feel these. I've owned a lot of leggings in my lifetime and these babies are soft. I usually wear them in yoga and on days I feel like having a little fun with my look.

I'm not wearing them as I write this post, but I wish I were. 



Kelsey said...

I'm not one to rock a bold print, but girl you do it well!


Anonymous said...

A stunning post!You definitely made it so well!These photos are just amazing.

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