Valentine's Day Secret from UVillage

Do you want to know a secret? Sure you do.
Everyone likes to be in on a big secret, especially when it involves winning a top secret prize.
This Valentine's Day, Uvillage is giving their email subscribers a chance to enter a giveaway that is valued around $500.

Not on their email list? Sign up and be entered to win.
Don't wait, you only have until 2/2/16 to sign up for a chance to win.

What's the prize? It's a secret. 
U Village isn't sharing what is exactly included in the Valentine's Day surprise , just that stores like Calypso St Barth and Jonathan Adler are participating.

The BIG REVEAL is on Feb 2nd.

I'm on pins and needles too! 

How to enter is easy: Go to UVillage.com, scroll to the bottom and enter your email address to subscribe to U Village's email newsletter. Once you subscribe, you're entered to win. Already an email subscriber, then you're already in.

Enter here: THE BIG SECRET


Kate said...

So fun...off to check out uvilliage!

Kelsey said...

LOVE Uvill. Worked at the Anthro there for a year so it's a sweet spot for me.


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