You're A Risk Taker Wearing this Color.

Did you get your white Christmas? Me neither.

Oh, I wished for it and wished for it, but I knew it was a long shot. So, what's the next best thing - mixing white pieces into your daily look.

It's true all white stands out in the best way, but its a risk. Don't you feel like you have to check every chair, walk in the middle of a hallway, only put on lipstick after you're completely dressed? I do.

The thing to always remember is that even though you're a little paranoid, it's always worth it.

Live a little.


The white jacket. My favorite white piece to wear. It goes with everything and transcends seasons.

White jeans, you probably have a pair that you adored all spring - break them out for winter.
Yes, check any chairs before you sit down.

Be the ultimate risk take, throw caution to the wind and wear all white. 

White heels to white sneakers, work this look from winter into spring. 

 If you're going to just dip your toe in the white style look trend, just remember its always worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Fashion design.I really love the style!The Pictures are amazing!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing. I am totaly in love with your style.Beautiful pics!

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