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I'm a coat hoarder, but for a long time, I went with the basic staple coats that can interchange with any outfit. That's what's great about a black or nude coat; these are musts for every fashion lady. But when you live in the Northwest and pretty much have to wear a coat consistently for a good six months you can start to feel like you're wearing the same outfit every day. Trust me I've been there. The best thing to do is expand your coat collection and make it the outfit rather than just something that goes with your outfit.

What do I mean exactly? Check out these strong statement coats that illustrate how fun a coat outfit can be.


This has it all. The cut, the color and the pattern - not your everyday coat. Which means its perfect!

Maybe you're not ready to jump into a coat that has a lot of drama, so start small - go with color.

This is a perfect example of how a coat can be your outfit. It looks like this is a dress/coat combo, which is reminiscent of the 60's, but you can modernize it with accessories. FUN!

Let's shop!
Camouflage and fur - an unexpected combo, but just looks right.

Nasty Gal
Check you later.  

River Island




The Good Rogue said...

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

So many pretty outfits.That’s my kind of a spring day look!You have an amazing sense of Style.

Anonymous said...

The pics are perfectly stunning!Looks so attractive.They are all amazing...

Anonymous said...

It's a delight to watch & read your blog.Beautiful and bright color enlightened my eyes!

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful pics!I am totally in love with the look.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos...The outfits are so stylish.

Anonymous said...

The outfits are absolutely incredible! 

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