How To Make Rompers Part Of Your Sunny Day Style

It's going to be 70 degrees in Seattle! I can hardly believe it, but boy am I ready. Last summer I got on the romper bandwagon a little too late, but that won't happen this year.  I'm kicking off the year of the romper with this super cute one I got at a wedding. How did I get this at a wedding? I was a bridesmaid and instead of a robe to wear as we got ready, the bride - my sister in law got us all matching rompers. Genius!

Rompers can be considered trendy. But it's easy to make sure that your favorite piece of clothing will be a staple for sunny days to come.


  • Color - Neon will always be in style. It's been alive and kicking since the 80's and every year it comes back again. This makes me way too happy.
  • Print - If you decide to do a print, it's no secret that floral is a safe and fun bet. They always seem to come back every season - any season. 
  • Cut - This is more of a spring romper, we know that because of the long sleeves. I think the long sleeves give this style more versatility, especially for Seattle. It may be a hot week, but most of the time we can only afford to show only so much skin

Where can you wear a romper? I wore this to get coffee, to lunch, and for a walk down by the pier. So it's all about the shoes. I decided on my favorite Zara wedges, but I've also worn it with flat sandals.

So you do you, and if you decide to make rompers part of your sunny day style, then twinsies. 

Want: Floral Print, Sorbet Romper

All photos by KNDM CO

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