Step Into Spring With Neon!

I really don't need a reason to wear neon; I'm a big fan. But my favorite time of year to really rock this bright show-stopping style is between Winter and Spring. Why?

When it gets darker outside my style palette slowly but surely starts to be dark as in dark blue, black and forest green. I love the dark winter uniform as much as the next PNW girl, but when the sun starts to stay a little longer, I long to go back to my summer days of bright clothes. 

It's still a little too early to go all summer neon, but it's that perfect time of year where you can marry your sleek winter dark outfits with pops of neon. 

My pop comes in the form of a bright pink neon blazer. It's not business casual and how can it be its neon! I think that's the point we all need a great piece that's not like all the rest and also seamlessly takes winter black into fun Spring. 

Pink Blazer similar: 1 2 3

Photos by Michelle Dorman
Taken at Olympic Sculpture Park


Megan said...

Love your shoes so much!!

Linda | Brunch-n-Bites said...

Neon color suits you well and it feels like going back to 80s? Not sure I'm brave enough to wear one :)

Jessica said...

Love your blog! I'm a blogger based in the SF Bay Area and found your blog while looking for Seattle based bloggers with great cold weather style to get ready for a trip to Seattle in a few weeks. Your post about turtlenecks was especially helpful.


Adriana said...

This is such a cute outfit! I love the pop of neon - especially in the spring when it's still too cool for full on summer wear but you want to look springy! :)

Donni said...

I love this outfit. I love black with a pop a color. And this neon blazer is fantastic! :)

Unknown said...

Dying over this location! I'm going to have to do a shoot there. These photos are stunning and I love the styling. You look so chic and fun with that neon blazer. Love the shoes! ��


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