All About The Shoulders!

It's true that our legs and arms get to have all the fun, but NOW it's your shoulders time to shine. What I love about this style is that it's just not for casual Fridays or Coachella. And although it is considered a trend, it's one that will pop up again and again.

Here a few of my favorite ways to rock this fun all shoulders style.

The Casual Cool I'm Not On My Way To School Look

You know for those spring days where you meet your friends for brunch and then go for a mani/pedi.

Spring Dress

This time of year a lot more off the shoulder dresses are coming out. I know we tend to gravitate to the strapless, but this style is just as fun, just as sexy and carefree. Indulge.

Date Night

Not only can you dress it up, but you can play with the style. An oversized off the shoulder top is not something you see everyday, but that's what makes it fun. 

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