Challenge Accepted: Styling A Silk Camisole For Everyday

I love a little style challenge. So when BelleFluer Lingerie asked me to take a camisole and style it as an everyday look, I was in.

When it comes to fashion, our bras, underwear, slips rarely see the light of day.  But once in awhile a lovely little piece comes along that you just can't hide. So, how do you wear it without making it seem like you're breaking some unwritten fashion rule?

First of all, it is going to be much easier if it's a slip dress or a silk top - bras and underwear are a little hard to style without it being the primary focus. So this gorgeous camisole by Araks Lingerie was the perfect piece to style.

Color: It does matter. I know we tend to go for the black, white, nude colors, but when it comes to styling a lingerie top for every day its best to go for color. It's funny, but those colors that we love so much make undergarments seem even more like underwear.

Style: We know that lingerie tops come in all different styles - sheer, lace, backless - so if you're looking for a top that can be versatile and go from date night to the office you have to keep this in mind. My top was more of a tank top and the perfect style to go under blazers, jean jackets or under a deep V romper.

So, when I was asked to style this top I had a eureka moment. I've wanted to wear these jeans with this blazer forever. This was the missing piece; the color and texture makes the look come together in a polished way, that I would be comfortable wearing to dinner or a meeting.

I know you're thinking, you could have just worn a black tank under the blazer, and this outfit would have worked. It totally would have, but fashion is fun, and you should always try something new - so changing the texture or the color of a staple makes an everyday jeans and blazer look into something special.

Thanks to BelleFluer Lingerie for challenging me to style this beautiful camisole. They do come in a lot of different colors, so be sure to check out the Boutique in Fremont or follow them on instagram.

I also wore the camisole under my favorite romper, check it out here.

Special thanks to Lisa from Sassoon Salon Seattle, who made my curly hair possible.
I love it.

All photos by the fabulous KNDM Co.

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Unknown said...

Great style , you looking so beautiful in this Blue <3

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