This Trend Will Help You Enjoy The Sun All Summer Long

The Seattle Weather is on point, and I want to take full advantage of it. But you know the hustle doesn't rest so I have to be ready for any opportunity to enjoy the sun. I know a lot of you feel me, we're all in a middle of balancing acts that sometimes we can't get away when the sun comes out. So what can we do or wear to be ready at any moment to enjoy the sun, well.....

As many of you know, I rarely wear flats. But sneakers have become a big part of my life. I am running again, and my love affair with athleisure is at a frenzied level, no shame. And this love affair has worked out in my favor. Instead of wearing my high wedges or chunky heels I've been wearing my sneakers.

So instead of calling an Uber to go from meeting to meeting, I've been walking. I wouldn't be able to do that in my heels. I kind of found this out by accident. I had met up with a friend for a co-work at a coffee shop next to my favorite lake. It was a gorgeous day, and I decided to wear sneakers with my dress so I could go for a walk around the lake after my meeting. Well, of course, it was a crazy day, so I didn't have time to walk the lake AND then walk home, but I did have just enough time to walk home.

This changed everything.
I wear this combination on most sunny days. It allows me to be dressy for any meetings I may have, but it also allows me the opportunity to walk home. There's going to be more sunny work days, but this outfit combo will help me to at least enjoy 15 minutes in the sun.

Here's a few other examples.


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Nancy said...

It looks so cool!

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