4 Ways to Wear Your Classic White Shirt This Summer!

The classic button down shirt, the boyfriend shirt, the white shirt is a staple. And currently, my favorite thing to wear. It has the sophistication that easily elevates anything you wear with it, in this case jeans. 

Short sleeves. I don't know why we automatically think long sleeves when it comes to the button down. But this will be your best friend on warm/hot days. Especially since sometimes you need a go to top for those important moments where a tank top just wont do.

Knotted. As a petite lady a lot of my favorite shirts, including the classic white button down can be a little long. I love this fun take and will even use this for some of my non-white shirts.

athens street style

Tuck it in! I don't really own high waisted jeans, but this look makes me want to. It's so simple, white shirt, jeans and black heels. You could go anywhere in this perfect look.


Let Loose. Is it a T-shirt dress, is it your boyfriends to big for you shirt or are you just super petite? It doesn't really matter, roll up the sleeves, and distressed jeans and nude heels and you're ready to go.

The moral of the style story is that even though its a classic white shirt that everyone may own, it can fit in with your style and pretty much guarantees a fresh look everyday of the week.

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