It's true that your hair journey never comes to an end. There are waves of contentment, flashes of happiness and moments of WTF. But if you're lucky your hair journey is made up of more waves and flashes.

Thanks to Sassoon Salon I'm currently riding a strong stylish wave. I honestly thought I was living my best hair, but then after one conversation with Lisa (stylist at Sassoon Salon), I realized I was just doing what was comfortable.

A few years back I cut my hair short and got on the bang bandwagon. I loved it. It was freeing and easy. But then Lisa thought I should let my hair grow out. WHAT? It goes against everything I had been doing. Well, here I am 6 months later with hair past my shoulders and I've never been happier. She was right it does fit my face shape a little better. She also helped me shape it while I let it grow out, so I've never felt like a walking talking ball of hair. Yes, that can happen.

One thing I know I did need help with was hair color. I had gone from never dying my hair to being a bright blonde; I was on a roller coaster and I didn't know how to get off. But Carmen came in and really talked to me about it. I explained to her that I needed a change, my makeup, my lipstick always seemed to be fighting my hair. One thing that won't change about me is my love of bright lips, so I needed to find a shade that made my features pop. Did I find my color? Yup, but it wasn't overnight. We tried a few things, and it really came together.

What have I learned for the last few months of HAIR CARE:
1. Take examples to your stylists, but make sure the examples are of people with the same face shape and hair texture. Expectations have to be realistic.
2. Talk to your stylists. When I talked things out with Lisa and Carmen, we were able to figure out what I really wanted and what I could really achieve.
3. Trust is not automatic, but once you develop that relationship with your stylists you're able to say things like "if you think that's best" and really mean it.
4. They're the experts. I'm totally comfortable saying I don't know anything about hair. The advice that Lisa and Carmen give me is taken to heart, I know they want me to be happy with my hair.
5. Push boundaries, don't stay comfortable. I was stuck in my short hair moment, and I really think I would not have the hair today without pushing my box a little bit.

Now go get your best hair! Lisa and Carmen are located at Sassoon Salon in Downtown Seattle.

photos by KNDM.CO

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