The Little Red Romper

My love of red has no bounds. I pretty much wear every shade of red on my lips, red-orange, pink, red, grapefruit red, neon red - I just say bring on all the reds. So it only makes sense that my love of red would seep into my everyday wear.
This summer I'm looking for a little red romper to bring joy to my happy hour life.

Last summer season this cutout peek a boo romper was a favorite. I fell into the romper trend late in the summer game. In truth, I thought rompers would not work for my petite body. I had tried on more than my share, and they all fit weird. I don't have long legs or a long torso; I'm just petite all around and rompers more times than naught just don't fit.

But it just goes to show when you don't give up - one might just come along to brighten your days. So, now I'm searching for another (or a few more) little red romper to rock this summer.


The printed romper :This is the little romper for all occasions, music festivals, bbqs and happy hours.


The flirty, gets a little low romper, its perfect for date night, girls night out - just add heels.

Front Roe

The spaghetti strap romper -perfect for beach days, boat days, farmers markets and anywhere else you want to go. 

So if you don't already have a little romper in your life, get on it!

top photo by My Showroom

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