Do you do a clean sweep of your clothes to kick off the New Year? I do.
To be honest, I didn't get rid of a lot, but it did help me take inventory of what I do have. I move all of the clothes I can wear in this freezing weather to the front of my closet, and all of the other clothes to the back.

As I was pushing my maxi's to the back of the closet, I changed my mind. I remembered that I had a sure fire way that I could keep two of my favorite things, maxi's and leather jackets in my winter rotation - put them together and just add a scarf. The examples below do not have any scarves but imagine just throwing a scarf over these combos, and you're set for any winter day that may try to take you down.

That colorful dress that you wore to your cousins wedding and you thought you would never wear again - can come out to play when you throw a leather jacket on. Winterfy it by adding booties and a black scarf.

That sneaker dress look works for winter too. Just add a leather jacket and a black or white scarf, maybe even a neon scarf just to add a little bit of color.

Oh you fancy, huh? 
Yeah you are, you're fancy and that fancy dress you love so much and probably one wore once needs to get out. It needs to be seen. So take it out, add a leather jacket, get your blanket scarf and you're ready for date night. 

Ok, this is a little of a cheat, its a maxi skirt. This is a great winter look - add your turtle neck and booties and you're a slick lady who is ready to take on the day.

Oh the drama! Yes a maxi dress and a leather jacket add a lot of drama to your everyday. But this is the kind of drama you want in your life. It's style drama. So work it girl.

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