Getting Back Into The Running Game with Brooks Running


Three months in and I think I finally have this challenge thing figured out. I jumped in all legs - Whole 30, Yoga and Running. 2017 wasn't going to get me down; I was going to grab on with two hands and own it. So that's not how it went at all.

 Stress can be a very real thing. And it can manifest in many different ways; mine took advantage of the fact that I had gotten a cold. Never ignore a cold because it will make itself known, that's what happened to me. My cold turned into a 3-week battle. I'm not over exaggerating it was a hard 3 weeks, but I had to rest. So goodbye yoga challenge, goodbye running challenge, the only thing I could hold on to was the Whole 30. I actually think the Whole 30 helped me kick the cold a little faster; clean eating is always a good idea. In February I went back to yoga. I gave myself a small challenge, go back four days a week. And you know what it worked. It didn't seem like such a big challenge. Why do we try to change our lives in so many ways in one swoop? You're pretty much setting yourself for failure. Since I've gotten my yoga down, I can now add a new layer. Run baby run. 10,000 steps three times a week. It may not seem a lot, but for a girl who works at her computer too many hours out of the day, I don't get in half that many steps in the day.

Anyways, I want to get back outside; I want to get back to running, and I am going to thanks to Brooks Running. It's still cold outside, so the Threshold Long Sleeve Running Shirt is perfect. It's not heavy, it breathes, and this color is a standout. Brooks Running capri pants work the best for this petite lady. But there's a better reason to like these pants, they're comfortable, but still, offer support without being stiff. Not all pain is gain.

  But it's really all about the shoes for me.
A few years back I was a running machine. I loved it, but I was wearing the wrong shoes and my knee suffered. I ignored the slight knee pain and then one day I couldn't walk. The doctor told me its all about the shoes. So now I always go with support first. Thankfully Brooks Running shoes combine support and style.

I've already taken these Ghost 9 sneakers out for a spin - baby steps spin, but I can already feel the difference. I may even change my 10,000 steps 3x's a week challenge into 4x's a week.... maybe. What exercise challenges do you try to take on?

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