I Don't Wear This Coat Everyday But I Think I Should

I know I've preached how leopard print is a staple, a basic and I believe that with my whole heart. But animal print is definitely the most unbasic of the basic, so much so that I'm even making up words.

I didn't always know I was a leopard print lover, it came to me later in life, but it was destined. I always pushed boundaries, wore things that people weren't sure about and to be honest sometimes I wore outfits I wasn't sure about, it's called risk taking. I regret a lot of them but isn't that what your teenage years are for. I wore my mom's multicolored strip top as a dress and actually that wasn't a regret, I wish I still had it.
  I may not wear this leopard print coat every day, but its a favorite in my closet, its for those days that I want to shake things up. And we all need a piece like that in our closet.   What's your shake it up, look at me, is this too much piece?

1. Bomber 2. Trench 3. Biker Jacket  4. Faux Fur Jacket 

I wore it this past weekend too. Check out my insta.

   Photos by @_elizabethkathryn

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