Why do we wait to wear our fun favorite stuff on the weekend? Oh because of work.
I get it sometimes our favorite leopard coat, silk camisole, floral romper or strappy shoes are not be appropriate for the workplace.

I guess it does depend on where you work, but I would venture to say most jobs would not be a-ok with these. Totally fine, but don't let it stop you from going out of your box. I understand we're not made of money. Why buy something that you may wear only a few times a year? I fell into this "I'm responsible, and I have to be able to wear this item to work" adultism.

But you know what happened, I hated my closet. I ended up wearing my "work clothes" on the weekend. I would spend way too much time figuring out what to wear and walking away not so happy. And it wasn't because my "work clothes" were blah or not so cute, it was just I bought them specifically to wear to work. You know what I mean.

So I started to change my ways. I didn't go overboard, but if I saw a super cool coat, like this faux white leather studded coat, I didn't automatically evaluate it on how it would fit into my every day, work look. I evaluated it on if I loved it and could see myself wearing it, and if happened to be work appropriate, bonus!

I realized that I do need fun clothes in my closet. I've always been an out of the box person. And when I looked in my closet I didn't see pieces that reflected that. I still have days where I can't find anything to wear, but it's a lot less than before. (wink emoji)

Jacket is from Zara

Photos by @ElizabethKathryn

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