If you follow me on Facebook, then this won't be a surprise to you, but just in case you missed the news - Collective SWAY is now LIVE.

photo by @cryssouthcote at the Collective SWAY event. 

What's Collective SWAY you ask? Great question.
What if there were cool events where creatives came together to Connect, Collaborate and Create awesome content in real life.

Now take out the What If because I've partnered with Crys Southcote - a kick ass, always on Hustle Mode - lady, to bring these events to life.

This past Saturday we finally saw our idea happen in real life.
We found the cutest Airbnb, invited creatives and watched the magic unfold.

Crys and I have been working on this for months, and to see it in real life was more than we expected. We were inspired and motivated to do the hard work to make this happen again and again.

Learn more about Collective SWAY and if your in the NW join #TeamSWAY today. LINK

Videos by Nick Southcote

Special thank you to some amazing creatives who let me bounce this idea off of them, your input was appreciated and taken to heart. @simplydarlingduo @cocokelly @heyprettything @kaatriiina @elizabethkathryn @giulia_dugo @jojotastic @allisonwagner @Truelane

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