Spring Dresses That Will Go Right Into Summer

It's not too late to share my favorite Spring dress style, is it? It's starting to feel a little like Summer, but knowing the NW as I do, Summer isn't here just yet. It is warm enough to get rid of the leggings I've been wearing for the past few months, so bright side.

I bought this dress in 2 prints, and I regret not buying all of the styles available. Why? Because long sleeves and short dresses are my jam and so easy to wear. The look is flattering; these dresses don't wrinkle, and they can easily go from Spring days to Summer nights. Also, these dresses can be rocked year-round, the way the NW seasons go and the fact that they're style is timeless makes them a staple and not a trend.

Thanks so much to Michaela for taking these pictures of me at the Collective SWAY event, I was just going to be doing instastories for CS's Instagram, but couldn't pass up the chance to be in front of the camera.

Here are a few other pieces that are on my wishlist.

1. Misguided 2. Leith 3. Topshop



Emma Cortes said...

This dress is perfect for both summer and spring! Also I'm loving your lip color!

xo, emma

Little Tranquility said...

I love this style! I feel you - Seattle is so unpredictable! I was getting sunburnt on Memorial Day and then was back to long sleeves and jeans just a few days later, haha.

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