You know how people say they have a full plate, well I like my plate full with a few things on the side. As a blogger, a freelancer and in the middle of kicking Collective SWAY off, I can be at the computer for long periods at a time. I try to break it up with yoga or going for a run. 

Those practices help clear my mind. But I'm not completely disconnected. I listen to podcasts, music or audiobooks on my run. I always forget to turn off my notifications, so sometimes dm's, tweets, text messages or phone calls break in. Yoga is a little different because you don't have your phone. But I find it hard to sometimes listen to the instructor because my mind wanders to emails, text messages and my to-do list. 

So what did I do? I started unplugging at 3 pm every weekday.
If I'm at home, I turn off my computer, turn off my phone leave them in the living room as I walk into my dark bedroom. I would give myself a half hour to decompress. When I first started my mind would rattle with things I had to do, should be doing and will have to do in the future. It was work to keep myself from wanting to check my phone. I almost gave it up a few times. What was I getting out of this half hour anyway? 

Then everything changed. I'm not sure when it clicked, but one day I realized my body had a new routine. 3 pm would come around, and I would close the computer, put my phone on silent and head to my room. The struggle of settling was no longer there. I found my click, and I was able to get to that space within minutes. The guilt, the rattle of what I should be doing was no longer keeping me anxious. 

Sometimes I would fall asleep, most of the time I would fall asleep. But a lot of the time I would just be. And my half hour would close out with me feeling reenergized and in a completely different head space.  I would feel like I had coffee without having to have coffee. 

If I wasn't at home, I would take a walk. No phone. 
If I had a meeting at 3 pm, I would move it to earlier or later. But I always took it. 

Well, I did always take it, in the last few months, I haven't been as diligent. I'm determined to bring this back into my daily practice. It's great for my health and all around happiness. 

Do you unplug daily? 


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Little Tranquility said...

This is such a great idea and something I should be doing, too. I spend sooo much time staring at my damn phone! I know we're all a bit guilty of it. But unplugging for a while each day is so important!

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