The Must Have Shoe of the Summer

I never thought I would recommend a sneaker as the shoe of the summer. I'm a wedge sandal kind of lady, and that's not because I'm petite or the fact that I have runners knee. I'm recommending it because I walk a lot.
After spending hours on hours inside thanks to winter and Seattle spring, all I want to do is be outside. Unfortunately wedge sandals, my usual sunny days go to shoe isn't cutting it.
Maybe my friends are walking faster, or maybe I'm walking slower these days - whatever the reason, I find myself wishing I had a shoe I could wear for hours/miles.

Last week, I went out on a little day excursion with the family, not even halfway through I realized my cute shoes were not the best shoes for my fun day.
So I stopped into a retail shop and found a pair of white eyelet sneakers. They were perfect with my green summer dress. I quickly realized these babies were going to be a summer favorite.

Since I haven't had a chance to take any outfit pictures, I thought I would share some fun inspo photos that prove to you that all white sneakers (converse don't count, the classics aren't all white) will be a sneaker style that you will rock all summer long. Trust.




I'm not a stranger to the dress and sneakers combo, but it was usually a once in awhile look not a summer uniform. Well things change, styles change and this is a good change.

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