Podcast Recommedation: Off Camera with Sam Jones

I've been working out of coffee shops for awhile. Yes, I listen to music most of the time, but I went through a phase where I watched all of the Actor Studios on Youtube. I've always had a fascination with actors being able to transform themselves into a character and I devour any behind the scenes info. Yes, I'm that weird person that always reads the trivia on IMBD. I recommend watching In the Actors Studio if you haven't - it's delightful to hear about some of your favorite movies from your favorite actors.

I am trying to get away from YT because its distracting when you want to work. But my new favorite Podcast also comes in YT form. It's called off Camera Show with Sam Jones. He sits down with some amazing actors and talks about life. Here are some of my favorite videos - these are just small clips, you can find the podcast and more info here: https://offcamera.com/

Here are a few of my favorite clips from some amazing interviews.


Thandie Newton on waiting for permission.

Kristen Bell on checking in with yourself.

Judy Greer on creating an impression.

Jenny Slate on being the creator of your own narrative.



Unknown said...

This sounds great. I will listen to all of them.

Tyson Harold said...


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