Summer Style: The Sunshine Color Polka Dot Dream

If you follow me on insta, then you've already seen this romper. I just couldn't wait for a blog post to share it. 

photographer: @watergypsy_photo

So, I rarely try on rompers. I live the petite life, and most of the time this style just doesn't line up with my short torso and short legs. But when I saw this sunshine color polka dot dream I knew I had to try it on, and I am so glad I did.
I found it just in time for the Collective SWAY  pool photo shoot. It was so much fun to collaborate with some amazing photographers and see how they see me in the romper.

photographer: @flynnpnw

What did I learn from this romper?
1. Always try on - because it's always worth the one time it does fit.
2. I don't own enough yellow.
3. Rompers are super comfortable.
4. Polka dots never go out of style.
5. Sun hats and rompers = a combo made for summer.

Photographer: @antmayphoto

The romper is from Everly Clothing; I bought it at Nordstrom
They have some other cute styles that you may see on me soon. 

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Want to work with these photographers? I don't blame you. @watergypsy_photo @antmayphoto  @flynnpnw



Unknown said...

You look great in yellow Alix. I love it on you.

Tyson Harold said...

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