Fashion that Says Something: Not that Kind of Girl

I'm "Not that kind of girl" to wait around for things to happen.
I used to be very shy, sheltered and dependent. That's how I defined myself for many years, even though my actions were anything but.

I packed a suitcase and a backpack and left the United States to go to school in London for two years. I didn't know a soul. That was the hardest and best time of my life.
I got stranded in Paris and ended up traveling ( Paris, Ireland) by myself for a week. I had no one to depend on, I had to make all decisions myself. And more than a few times I had to depend on strangers.
I quit my job and decided to take the leap into social media, I gave myself 6 months and by month 3 I had the first job that started me down my career path.

So how could I be scared to go to a workshop, event, conference or an interview? When I had gone through all of these experiences and survived.

It's all about perspective. So when I saw this hat, I knew it was all about being the kind of girl who didn't let excuses, fears or self doubt stand in the way.

It's true that your style can say a lot about you, especially when it actually says something. LOL!

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Eunice said...

Love that story! Way to go! I can totally relate .. I used to be super shy and then once I moved somewhere I didn't know any one at it totally broke me out of my shell. Nothing like some good 'ol experiences to give you some perspective lol

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