One Thing I Do Every Morning: Time Out

My mornings are very different these days, I have to get up.... at a very specific time. If I don't, I miss my bus and then I'm late to work. Fortunately, I haven't missed my bus, yet.  It's this whole new back to an office life every day, it's taking some getting used to. There's one thing that I do every morning that makes it easier for me to get up. It's not really a trick it's a timeout. After I take my shower, I go back to bed. I turn the lights off, I set a timer on my phone and I just close my eyes. I don't go to sleep, I get close, but if I keep it at 10 minutes it's just enough time to take me out of rush speed back to normal.Before I put this timeout into my routine I would stay in bed to the very last moment possible, which would put me into this rush mode that's really no fun.

It may seem silly to go back to bed, but again I'm not sleeping, I'm resetting. I don't have to jump out of bed, I don't have to feel rushed and there's nothing better than getting into work mode without feeling you're already behind.

When this doesn't happen and sometimes it doesn't, I feel the difference. So, it's become an important part of my morning.

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Amerish said...

I am so with you sweetie, as usual we are totally in synch across the ocean. I do the exact same thing. Just calms me down on a morning. Can't wait to do this WITH you in the desert!

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