What to Read Next? These 4 Celebrity Book Clubs Can Help

When you think of fall, do you automatically think books, fireplaces, cozy blankets, snuggled in bed and coffee? Me too. I'm so ready.. kind of, I have no idea what book to read next. So in an effort to get my reading rolling, I checked out some of the popular book clubs started by some celebs you may know.

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Reese Witherspoon
I don't know where she finds the time to read, but it is part of her job. She's constantly looking for a good story to turn into her next project. I happen to love the movies/shows she's producing, so I am always wondering what she's reading - and now I don't have to. Just follow @rwbookclub on instagram.

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Emma Roberts
She started a website for her book addiction with a friend. They're bookship turned into wanting to share the books they read with others. Check out Belletrist.

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Emma Watson
She's been known to hide books in random places to find. But if you want to find out what she's currently reading check out her goodreads group: Our Shared Shelf
She labeled it a Feminist Book Club, that's open to all.

Florence Welch 
This book club was created by fans of Florence who noticed her love of reading. Florence found out about it and helps by promoting and collaborating with the fans who started the book club a few years ago. Check out what they're currently reading here: Between Two Books

Do you have any amazing reading lists or books you think I should check out? Let me know.

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