When I go color I don't play. LOL! I have to say it's a lot harder to find neon or bright colors now that the stores have flooded with Fall clothes. As much as I love black, gray, green and maroon- I need to rock the most obnoxious colors just to keep me sane.

I even wore this to work - and I totally asked myself if this color would be blinding to my co-workers. I try to be respectful. But I've also found myself not wearing a lot of my clothes because I'm new to the job and I am trying to be professional. But I found myself a little cheerier, a little brighter and a little sassier all day long. It may not have been the sweater, but I think it was. WINK!

Anyways, I won't be wearing neon all Fall long, but a few vibrant sweaters to pop in here and there is definitely a good idea.

Here's a few on my wish list.
1. Express  2. Topshop   3. Asos
All photos by @chelsea macor

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