Don't Wait for A Vacation, Unplug Everyday

I am sick. I tried to outrun it, but it still got me and it got me good. To be honest, I saw this cold rolling in two days ago, but I shook it off. Which means I still got up early, I worked hard and I went to bed late. I lived my life as if I didn't have a cold. I should have known how this story was going to end. So as I sit here typing, instead of lying down I ask myself why do we do this to ourselves?

Two years ago I made a resolution to not eat my dinner in front of my computer. I also made yoga a big part of my life because it helped me - it made me focus on my body rather than the emails, papers, work - a nice break from everything that was running through my mind. When I was freelancing I realized I was attached to my computer, so I started taking a 30-minute break every day at 3 pm. If I couldn't lay down, I would go for a walk - no computer and my phone was only to keep time. I can't tell you how much of a struggle it was not to reach for my phone or not worry about what I should be doing. But eventually, I was able to get in a zone where I could unplug with no struggle.

Last year Crystal and I started Collective Sway, a few months ago I started a full-time job and I am starting to blog a lot more. This means I am spending more time in front of my computer and it's getting harder to switch off my hustle mode. I haven't been to yoga in awhile and I don't take my 30-minute break anymore.

When I decided to go to Joshua Tree for vacation, I just kept thinking I will rest when I get there. Of course, I didn't, but it made me think why do we all just wait to unplug when we go away on vacation?

So as part of new resolutions, I started to write go for a run, read a book and then I realized I need to start small. I needed to go back to my 30 minute time out. Why this instead of yoga or running?
I don't know if I can make it to yoga every day and when I run I need my phone to stay motivated.

I know 30 minutes may not seem like a long time, but its the quality of the unplug. I know it's going to be a struggle at first, but within no time I will be able to get into that zone every day.

I wrote about it in May, read the blog post: Why I Unplug Everyday & How It's Changed Me

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