Joshua Tree: Echo Ranch House

As soon as I opened the front door I knew I wanted to move in. But the fun started way before we even saw the front door. There's something about dirt roads, iron gates, and a beautiful horizon that makes you slow down and be present.
When I first found the Airbnb listing I was quickly enamored by the vibe, the white walls, the decor and all the light. Once again, the pictures didn't do the place justice.

It had all the things. 

1. Record Player  2. Fireplace  3. Hammock  4. Outside seating - lights and what a view.  5. Closets with mirrored doors  6.  Heated bathroom  7. Ironing board  8. Cozy seating  9. And More..

We adventured out most of the day and then headed back to the house to edit photos, make dinner and listen to music. My favorite part was getting up early with my coffee and watching the sunrise. It was chilly, but I'm from Seattle so it wasn't nearly as cold as where I came from. But I still completely appreciated that there was a heater in all of the rooms - living room, Charli had one in her room and I had one as well - remote controlled.

This was the perfect cozy place to chill with out computers as we edited and wrote blog posts.
And acted a little extra.

I love this photo because it really shows you just how thought out the space is - the table, the decor and really the serenity feel it exudes.

I had the best time here with my amazing talented friend, who took all these photos. We were inspired and felt peace as we drank our coffee and watched the sunrise.

And had so many laughs.

We could go back in a heart beat.

Echo Ranch House is currently doing a giveaway for a 2 night stay. Find out how to enter: Here

All photos by @tophatsandtea

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