Joshua Tree: An Unexpected Life Lesson

Behind the wheel- LOL!

I didn't realize I would walk away with a life lesson from my Joshua Tree trip. So let me tell you a little story, but first, you should know I don't drive. I lived in downtown Seattle for many years - no reason to have a car. Once I moved out of downtown I was living that freelance life - so I really didn't need a car. But in Joshua Tree, you need a car.

I don't know why I didn't think about it before I landed in Palm Springs, but my friend Charli is from England, so she probably wasn't going to want to drive. You know the whole she usually drives on the other side of the road thing. It wasn't till she asked me to drive out of the airport that I realized - CRAP, I may need to drive. It wasn't funny at the time, but I think I hid my panic pretty well.

The little Toyota Yaris in Joshua Tree National Park

So, I drove - not only did I drive into Palm Springs and into Joshua Tree, but I drove every single day we were there up to three hours or more a day.

This is huge for me HUGE! I think if I would have told Charli that I was too scared to drive she would have driven. But I didn't. I challenged myself. Because I knew deep inside that I could do it. Now you may think its just driving, but it's more than that for me. It was 70 mph on a highway in a city I've never been to.
I also tend to worry and over analyze - I somehow bypassed all those usual blocks and just did it.
I did it. I conquered a fear and I rocked it. I even fell in love with it.

I wore these jewelry pieces everyday

It was a challenge I didn't expect. And I realized that this unexpected challenge really uncovered a piece of myself that I hoped was there - and now I know it is.
The life lesson - is that sometimes you just have to do it. Don't second guess yourself, trust in your capabilities and let yourself be present.

Now what to conquer next.

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Charli said...

Hell yeah you smashed it. So proud of you. You were loving it by the end. Of course I would have done it if you'd been too nervous but I'm really proud of you for embracing it. Way to face the fear girl.

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