Sequins and Cactus

Funny story, but I was the only person wearing sequins at the Cholla Cactus garden. LOL! Ok, it wasn't really a surprise, but I felt like wearing sequins and you should always wear what you want.

There are so many amazing things to see at Joshua National Park, but we didn't have a lot of time and the Cactus Garden was at the top of our list.

I read somewhere that the garden was like seeing coral reef above water. It's the perfect description. 

And we had to be careful because the garden wasn't made to be touched. It's spikey, it will attach to your clothes and prick you through jeans, boots, sequins - this is no joke. And I'm not repeating this through second-hand stories. I was careful and I still got pricked. Okay I could have been a little more careful and Charli could not have laid down to get the shot or worn sandals, but we made it out a live with some cool photos. Win all around. 

So if you ever make it to Joshua Tree National Park I highly recommend going here. But wear boots.

Top by Vici Dolls
Photos by @TophatsandTeaSewui

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