Airbnb Photo Tour: Del Sol

I waited to post about this place because it means that my Joshua Tree Trip content is coming to an end. This guts me. I had such an amazing time and I've had so much fun reliving it through my posts.

This is the very last place we stayed at and it was the perfect place to close out our amazing trip. Del Sol Airbnb was close to the park, it was down a dirt road, there were neighbors, but we didn't feel closed in. The place had character, style, and coziness.

This living room, this table  - so many laughs so many photos. 

Coffee and Tea and the perfect place to be.

It did not have a television which turned out not being a problem for this television addict. It had a very long table, a record player, and a chair hammock.

It also had an amazing master bedroom. Charli and I flipped a coin to see who would get it, I won. I can't tell you how happy that made me.

I could have moved in here. 

Charli's bedroom was just as adorable. I wish we would have had one more night at this cute place, but I'm still glad we were able to spend some time taking photos, working at the table and just being.

The outside lights gave just the right ambience for some friend time.

The road right in front of the house. 

I am so glad we were able to stay here and I recommend it to anyone looking for a cute, comfy place that's close to the park.

All photos by Tophats and Tea


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